Prince and the flying rake PEF mobile


It’s not often you come across a Prince flying on his rake – but here you do. Invented by the famous French author PEF (Pierre Elie Ferrier), the Prince of Motordu and the Flying Rake mobile is a sight to behold.

This hilarious French character has become the focus of a series of mobiles designed by L’Oiseau Bateau that celebrates the zany, the wonderful and the ‘imagine ifs…’ .

“Imagine if I could fly across the sky with three stars and the moon as my friends on any garden instrument I wanted?” “Imagine if I could ride home from school on a flying rake and cross hemispheres and enchanted new worlds in seconds?” 

Whether young or young at heart, the Prince and the Flying Rake mobile and the PEF series of mobiles instils in people a slight sense of ridiculous, a huge belief in possibilities … and to dream and to smile because sometimes life is nicer when it’s filled with ‘Imagine ifs’.

Artisan crafted metal work.

Please note, this is not a toy but a decoration only.

Our amazing Prince and the Flying Rake mobile will be here mid-November. If you would like us to secure your Prince and the Flying Rake mobile for Christmas please email [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as he arrives.

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