Marguerite French mobile ~ SECONDS sale

$149.95 $79.95

These are seconds so the mobile will have slight cosmetic defects caused by human error during the handmaking process. Imperfections generally appear as a mark on the ball or base of the mobile and do not spoil the mobile’s overall enchanting appearance. Limited number.

Are you looking for something special … a treasure? Meet Marguerite. This beautifully designed French mobile lives in a world of blossoms and lady beetles. She smiles from her daisy home bringing a sense of pretty Spring beauty to all who see her.

In a world of childhood fantasies, these gorgeous characters from France suspend from the ceiling, gently delivering dreams to every child’s world. Each mobile is exquisitely detailed and crafted using artisan metal work – created especially to inspire the imagination of little people.

Exceptional qualities: light, unique, keepsake value, pretty.

Care of your French mobile


Additional information

Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 50 x 27 x 30 cm


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