French Heart Tea Parties

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Spirited Mama - tea parties

Would you like to host a French Heart tea party?

We are seeking lovely spaces to present our gorgeous collection of beautiful French gifts, toys, children’s decor and soon to be home and pet decor (can’t wait!).

Our range is enchanting, colourful, and captures the essence of childhood magic and whimsy, designed to inspire the imaginations of little hearts and big hearts too. Our tea parties make special occasion giving easy – baby showers, birthdays, Christenings, Christmas and just because. Guests can see and feel the beautiful gifts in the comfort of a familiar space, and it gives friends the chance to get together over a relaxing cup of tea, or some bubbles.

Each tea party host receives a gift to the value of $100 from the collection and 15% per cent of sales, which can be redeemed on the collection.

French Heart Tea Party for you?

Hosting a French Heart Tea Party is simple.
The tea party is hosted in a Sydney-based space where the gifts can be comfortably shown off.
The host puts on the tea party and invites 10 or more friends to join her.
There needs to be a minimum of $500 in sales for the host to receive the French Heart gift.

Online  Tea Party

If you are based in another Australian state other than NSW or you are based overseas you can still enjoy the benefits of a French HeartTea Party by inviting your friends over to your place or to your lovely online blog site where you can host the French Heart Store link. A code will be provided so that all sales can be attributed to your tea party.

If you would like to host a French Heart Tea Party online or in your home please send an email to [email protected] or call on 0400 007 484. 


Spirited Mama: backing my dreams

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Spirited Mama profileHaving the courage to back your dreams … 

It was in France when I was searching for an epiphany, searching for some way to reconcile my dream of travelling and spending more time with my daughter.

We’d been to a tonne of toy shops in Paris to meandre and gaze and laugh … then I came across a small toy shop in the small rustique village of Les Gets deep in the Haute Savoie – the French Alps. It was here I met my first Schlumpeter mobile – the little prince fishing for a star. He was suspended from the ceiling and he immediately captured my imagination. I then met Marguerite, Rose Bud, Aladdin, Aviator, Boat Boy and the rest.

Later, as I also sat suspended like a mobile on a chairlift heading quietly up a snowy mountain to try and ski off all the amazing food i’d been eating via an infamous black run and my epiphany came. 


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