5 fantastic ways to nurture your child’s imagination

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Flying carpet mobileNurturing your child’s imagination is one of the greatest gifts you can give. When children learn to dream big they become creative adults. When creative adults put their dreams into reality we all benefit. It’s a big statement I know, but how exciting! It’s the imagineers of the world who have given us awesome technology (Steve Jobs and Bill Gates), beautiful art (Margaret Olley and Paul Cezanne), amazing films (Jane Campion and Martin Scorsese).

1. Go free range

Andrew Daddo said “let have a green sky and blue grass for as long as they can because then they’ll realise it’s OK to be little bit interesting.” Let your child go free-range in their art, in their thinking, in their play. Reasearch shows free-range play is the building blocks to helping a child develop their unique identity, self-confidence and problem solving skills and it also supports children to build on the knowledge and creativity they have already learnt from you and the world around them.

Nurturing children’s imaginations

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Shell schlumpeter in situ

Nurturing our children’s imaginations is everything … let them have a green sky and blue grass for as long as they can because then they’ll realise it’s OK to be little bit interesting, says Andrew Daddo.

Imagination helps our children to problem solve, create their own lives, dream amazing futures for all of us.

Einstein said logic will take us from A to B but imagination will take us everywhere. Knight of Innovation and creativity Sir Ken Robinson said human imagination is all that stands between us and still living in caves.

“It’s the source of every form of human achievement in literature, in science, the the arts, in human relationships … it’s what gives us 6,000 languages currently spoken on Earth … the Sistine Chapel, the music of Bach.”

A few years ago I interviewed the lovely children’s author Andrew Daddo for the article Inspiring ways to build your child’s imagination.

Andrew said it beautifully:

“It’s having their head filled with ideas. Kids often say things that are really amazing but wrong, but it’s how they see the world. Encourage them to do that …

“Let them have a green sky and blue grass for as long as they can because then they’ll realise it’s OK to be little bit interesting.”

Spirited Mama’s French Heart Store was created to inspire the imaginations of big and little people, too. The beautiful treasures sourced from the heart of France, like Seashells mobile above, add a little bit of magic to the every day just so our dreams can be that little more sweeter.

How do you nurture your child’s imagination?

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Giveaway: beautiful French mobile

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Moonboy toy
Marguerite toy

Would you like to win a beautiful French mobile like the ones pictured here?

There are only a few days left to enter.

I ran the competition to celebrate the launch of my blog and opening of my new Treasure Shop selling toys and homewares from the heart of France.

Entering my competion is simple. Leave a comment on my Facebook page letting me know what Treasures you love from my shop. Or you can tweet it including a link of the product but I have found Facebook easier.

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Artisan blogging

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I’ve been pondering what I do as a blogger and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an artisan blogger.

What is artisan blogging? It’s blogging with pure passion and creativity.

When I blog I’m totally 110 per cent immersed in what I’m doing … expressing, connecting, writing, crafting. Academic and author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi would describe this as flow – ‘a state of joy, creativity and total involvement, which problems seem to disappear and there is an exhilarating feeling of transcendence’.

I believe we are all artisan creators in our own unique way. Each blogger (author) I have come across has lovingly designed and developed their own style through image, art and expression to tell the story of who they are.

The original artisan

In France, the artisan is revered. A New York Times article by beautiful blogger and travel/food writer Ann Mah describes the artisans of France as ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, or Best Craftsmen of France’. The title is about ensuring the survival of a tradition – it’s about grassroots perfection of creativity. I don’t think there is yet a blogging tradition, at least in the traditional sense, it’s too young, but I’d like to think that our authenticity of publication as authors and creators warrants a link to tradition.

In France of course it’s about the chocolatier, the baker, the florist and the corset maker. Here in little ol’ humble cyber Sydney it’s about a mother, woman, writer and creator who works to perfect her self expression in the same way as any artisan does simply as a way of deriving and giving pleasure to make life better.

Do you have a blogging style? How do you see yourself as a creator?

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bachelormum style

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Treasure Shop open for business

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Margeurite-in-situSpirited Mama’s Treasure Shop is open for business.

What will you find in the Treasure Shop? Unique and exquisitely crafted toys and homewares from the heart of France.

Win an exquisite French mobile

I’m so excited because this is the culmination of a dream that has turned into a reality – I’ve commercialised my blog!!! I’m still pinching myself that I’ve done it.

To celebrate this awesome occasion with me, visit the Treasure Shop and Tweet about the toy or homeware you love. Include a link to the product and the @bachelormum handle in your tweet to receive 15 per cent off all Treasures. Follow me on Twitter while you are there if you like.

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This competition has closed

Jenny O’Keefe has won a gorgeous French mobile. Thank you to everybody who entered. You will receive 15% off all treasures till September 30. This offer is cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

12 awesome blog writing tips

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blog writingThe blogosphere is constantly shifting but there are a few age-old writing tips that never date.

Find your voice

Finding your voice is the most important part of your writing. It expresses who you are, what you think and feel, and connects you with others. If you’re having trouble finding your voice in the blogosphere, start off writing your first sentences of a post in the same way you would if you’d just walked in the door and you were telling your nearest and dearest about your idea or day. In newspaper terms it’s a formula called the lead. In blogging there are no rules or formulas but it’s a great way to begin a post if you are struggling to know where to start. Your story will flow, it will be authentic and it will naturally be infused with colour and movement (as opposed to being forced). This strategy is great for blogger’s block, too.


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