The sweetest things

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Markets are as much about the people as the stuff for me but this market – EQ designer markets – had the sweetest things – what do you think?

This is Rochelle from Summer Blossom. Her stall was so pretty – gorgeous flower garlands and hair accessories that made me want to run through fields of daisies. Rochelle is wearing Beach Girl Floral Crown – she looks absolutely stunning. Behind her are the Sweet Spring Flower Crowns, some of which are going to go on this year’s Santa’s list for my poppet, and me.

 Spirited Mama - Summer blossom

The tea party

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On the weekend a gracious friend of mine hosted a tea party at her home and invited her friends over to see for themselves the beautiful treasures I have begun selling.

It was an incredibly beautiful day. The Spring fairies were on our side so not only did we have sunshine but the most glorious show of flowers as a backdrop.

Spirited Mama - tea parties

My darling friend made scones with jam and cream and served pomegranate tea. The kids had cupcakes and ran off to play without the parents.

After tea, the mums (and one dad) were able to see and feel for themselves the gorgeous whimsical nature of the treasures and the vivid playful colours and themes. They also bought lovely gifts for their children – mobiles, pouffes, aprons, pyjama bags and French dolls. It was such a successful afternoon for all that I have decided to launch Spirited Mama Inspired Tea Parties.

spirited mama tea party 2

Each Spirited Mama hostess receives a gift of up to $100 from the collection and 15 per cent of all sales which can also be redeemed through the collection. If you love the idea see here for more details ♥

Would you like to host a Spirited Mama inspired tea party? Do you think it’s a good idea? 

Linking into lovely Jess @ IBOT x

Spirited Mama

French Heart Tea Parties

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Spirited Mama - tea parties

Would you like to host a French Heart tea party?

We are seeking lovely spaces to present our gorgeous collection of beautiful French gifts, toys, children’s decor and soon to be home and pet decor (can’t wait!).

Our range is enchanting, colourful, and captures the essence of childhood magic and whimsy, designed to inspire the imaginations of little hearts and big hearts too. Our tea parties make special occasion giving easy – baby showers, birthdays, Christenings, Christmas and just because. Guests can see and feel the beautiful gifts in the comfort of a familiar space, and it gives friends the chance to get together over a relaxing cup of tea, or some bubbles.

Each tea party host receives a gift to the value of $100 from the collection and 15% per cent of sales, which can be redeemed on the collection.

French Heart Tea Party for you?

Hosting a French Heart Tea Party is simple.
The tea party is hosted in a Sydney-based space where the gifts can be comfortably shown off.
The host puts on the tea party and invites 10 or more friends to join her.
There needs to be a minimum of $500 in sales for the host to receive the French Heart gift.

Online  Tea Party

If you are based in another Australian state other than NSW or you are based overseas you can still enjoy the benefits of a French HeartTea Party by inviting your friends over to your place or to your lovely online blog site where you can host the French Heart Store link. A code will be provided so that all sales can be attributed to your tea party.

If you would like to host a French Heart Tea Party online or in your home please send an email to [email protected] or call on 0400 007 484. 


Beautiful gifts to inspire

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My mission is to be a creator of inspiration and joy through the beautiful gifts that I trade.

What’s it like to drift back into your childhood memory to dream the pure magic of make-believe – the Harlequin fairy, the cheeky elf, the pixie in the fairy dell, the whale rider, the unicorn … every little boy wants to be a pilot, every little girl wants to travel in a rose petal … we all want to ride a flying carpet.


Spirited Mama is a trader of exquisite treasures, beautiful keepsake gifts sourced from the heart of France. The treasures have been designed simply to inspire the imaginations of little people … and big people too … because inside each one of us there is the child seeking adventure in rainbow worlds of beauty, colour and enchanted far-away freedom. We hold on to that dream when we pass it down to our children.

Moonboy toy

Drawing on traditional fairytale themes, fables and archetypal characters, the treasures capture the pure essence of make-believe that inspires a child to dream happy dreams – whimsical mobiles such as Moonboy fishing for a star and Rosebud who truly does ride in her rose petal bringing gentle delight wherever she floats.


There are meticulously embroidered aprons, backpacks and satchels that tell stories in minute detail of unicorns, dragons, princesses and teacup dwelling elves. Each item can be personalised to make it a truly individual gift. (Importantly, they’re practical – fully machine washable and built to last.)

Spirited Mama little dragon backpack

The pouffes, pyjama bags, treasure stows and toy boxes draw on brightly colourful animal themes using tactile fabrics that are soft to touch and lovely to cuddle. They brighten children’s rooms and they delight hearts.

Each item is exquisitely crafted and made to artisan perfection in keeping with the French tradition of quality.

Beautiful gifts to inspire.

 spirited mama button

Ever dream of running your own business?

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markets - bastille 4Playing shops with my daughter and meeting lovely people at my first market stall held on the weekend was so much fun but I discovered the dream of running my own business was not as transcendental as I thought it would be.

Everything was looking good. The products were awesome and I’d been featured as stall of the month in the Local Market Guide. I imagined it was going to be a dream run.

But all those beautiful items that looked so divine, friendly and joyful on the yellow striped material didn’t get there by themselves … nor did the gazebo. Each treasure had to be loaded into the car, unloaded, packed back up and then unpacked again … by me … starting at 5am …

Giveaway: beautiful French mobile

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Moonboy toy
Marguerite toy

Would you like to win a beautiful French mobile like the ones pictured here?

There are only a few days left to enter.

I ran the competition to celebrate the launch of my blog and opening of my new Treasure Shop selling toys and homewares from the heart of France.

Entering my competion is simple. Leave a comment on my Facebook page letting me know what Treasures you love from my shop. Or you can tweet it including a link of the product but I have found Facebook easier.

Everyone who enters automatically receives 15% off all treasures.

The completion closes June 12 at midnight.

Good luck and thanks for supporting Spirited Mama.


Linking in with talented Jess @ IBOT.

Amusing an only child – adventure on the high seas

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kayak small

If you’re looking to amuse an only child, consider taking them on kayaking adventure for two. 

I took my daughter to the hidden gem of Store Beach near Manly’s Northern Beaches for an afternoon. It was so beautiful and secluded I was tempted to call her Wilson from Tom Hanks’ movie Castaway!

The story of my perfect day get-away is over at Sydney Kids Food and Travel. It’s my first guest post. I’d love you to check it out and give Seana Smith some blog loving. Kimx

Linking in with gorgeous Grace @ FYBF


Photo: An oarsome way to spend a day. Spirited Mama 2013


10 things you don't expect when you become a parent (part 1)

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I’ve been a parent for about eight years now and each day there is something else that absolutely surprises me that wasn’t on the motherhood brochure. 

When you become a parent you don’t expect:

  1. Your baby’s smile to feel like a butterfly landing on your shoulder.
  2. That a box of guilt and a bouquet of worry will be the only things that come free with the baby.
  3. No matter how hard you try your life will never be the same again … seriously, it won’t.
  4. To be woken each day just before sunrise, for the next five years … yup.
  5. To feel another parent’s pain like it’s your own when your learn a child is sick or hurt or worse.
  6. To be late for an appointment because your child has a meltdown over clothing seams, fluff balls in socks or “scratchie” tags on undies.
  7. To conduct regular snot inspections on sleeves before walking out the door – often with positive results.
  8. To catch vomit in your bare hands in hope it doesn’t splatter on the carpet … again.
  9. Your baby to come with an inbuilt ‘no rush’ policy.
  10. That when everything is quiet there is bound to be trouble in paradise 🙂

What didn’t you expect when you became a parent?

Linking in with lovely Jess @ IBOT.

Spirited Mama: backing my dreams

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Spirited Mama profileHaving the courage to back your dreams … 

It was in France when I was searching for an epiphany, searching for some way to reconcile my dream of travelling and spending more time with my daughter.

We’d been to a tonne of toy shops in Paris to meandre and gaze and laugh … then I came across a small toy shop in the small rustique village of Les Gets deep in the Haute Savoie – the French Alps. It was here I met my first Schlumpeter mobile – the little prince fishing for a star. He was suspended from the ceiling and he immediately captured my imagination. I then met Marguerite, Rose Bud, Aladdin, Aviator, Boat Boy and the rest.

Later, as I also sat suspended like a mobile on a chairlift heading quietly up a snowy mountain to try and ski off all the amazing food i’d been eating via an infamous black run and my epiphany came. 

Treasure Shop open for business

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Margeurite-in-situSpirited Mama’s Treasure Shop is open for business.

What will you find in the Treasure Shop? Unique and exquisitely crafted toys and homewares from the heart of France.

Win an exquisite French mobile

I’m so excited because this is the culmination of a dream that has turned into a reality – I’ve commercialised my blog!!! I’m still pinching myself that I’ve done it.

To celebrate this awesome occasion with me, visit the Treasure Shop and Tweet about the toy or homeware you love. Include a link to the product and the @bachelormum handle in your tweet to receive 15 per cent off all Treasures. Follow me on Twitter while you are there if you like.

Or, please like one of my products on Facebook as they appear, leave a comment about the treasures so I know you’re in and like my site at the same time if you are new to the site.

By liking or tweeting about your fave toy or homeware from the Treasure Shop you will automatically go in the running to win a beautiful Moonboy or Marguerite mobile valued at $109.95. The more treasures you tweet about, the more chances you will have of winning Moonboy or Marguerite.

This competition has closed

Jenny O’Keefe has won a gorgeous French mobile. Thank you to everybody who entered. You will receive 15% off all treasures till September 30. This offer is cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Life is good

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flower sellerI often say to myself and to my daughter, ‘Life is good, life is good, life is good’.

I use it as a strategy to help my daughter to build a positive story for herself around the issue of her dad moving overseas. I think and hope that despite the intense and often sad feelings she experiences, her memory of her childhood, and the foundations that support her into adulthood, will be strong and happy and good.

When I stop for a moment and concentrate on that mantra ‘life is good’ I let fall away the swirling mess of angst and fear that sometimes dogs me as a parent, and I let fall away the remnants of what was the most difficult year of my life last year.

I live in the moment, just for a moment, and see and feel the beauty that is with me. The sun, the blue blue ocean, the clean air and the good coffee in my hand made by the little Greek place across from the beach.

I sometimes wonder how women in developing countries cope with the hardships of life – whether day after day they drag their feet around, feeling tense and aching inside. I somehow don’t think so. In my travels to India and Nepal I saw women struggling to eek out an existence smile big beautiful smiles as they tried to sell a flower (like the lady pictured) or a chai. Is it acceptance of what they have, or do the just live in the moment, grateful for what each minute can bring leaving aside all that they don’t have to get on and make the most of what they do have?

In this moment, life is good.

Do you consciously think life is good to make life good?

Photo: The flower seller, 1990. Bachelormum Style.

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Welcome to Spirited Mama

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bach mum jordanWelcome to Spirited Mama.

 The more success a woman has in her life – physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially – the greater sense of wellbeing she develops. When a woman is feeling good about herself, it’s easier for her to raise her children to be wise, resilient, happy and loving beings.

Spirited mama is not an identity but an attitude – it’s inspired parenting in a skirt!

A spirited mama is adventurous, resourceful, practical and solutions driven. She gracefully leaps over adversity to land on her stilettos … even if her mascara is smudged a little (or sometimes streaming down her cheek) in the process.

Coco Chanel once said: “My life didn’t please me so I created my life.” And that’s what Bachelormum Style is about – sharing ideas and stories on creating great lives for ourselves, our children, our family, loves, and friends.

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Photo: Spirited Mama 2013


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