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Twenty years ago, with a young family in tow, husband and wife team Catherine Nicol and Philippe Lemoine were selling the dreams they designed in the guise of elves and backpacks at local markets. Today as the owners of L’Oiseau Bateau (bird boat), they are sharing their dreams with the world.

 Spirited Mama Loiseau bateau creators image   

L’Oiseau Bateau is a tight team of 10 dedicated staff based in Valence close to Lyon on the south east department of Drome, France. Melody (below left) is one of the latest editions to the team while Agnes, the export manager (right)  is the reason why L’Oiseau Bateau has arrived in Australia. Nicolas  (far right) designs the promotions that make their way to the stores and websites including Spirited Mama.

Spirited Mama Loiseau Bateau team         Spirited Mama Loiseau Bateau designer 

In January 2015, Spirited Mama took her second visit to L’Oiseau Bateau to understand better the beautiful stories behind the L’Oiseau Bateau  creations and to give the team a better understanding of our French Heart Community. What started as a meeting over a traditional French lunch lasted into the evening as tours were taken of the local stores that featured the brand, meeting the staff, admiring the latest designs and well, lots of joking and laughter about ourselves and our countries. 

  Spirited Mama Loiseau Bateau lunch

And while L’Oiseau Bateau has become an international business, the artisans of childhood remain true to their vision – to inspire the imaginations of little hearts and big hearts … to make the world just that little more magical.

Spirited Mama Loisea Bateau imagination

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  • Frances Nilson


    Hello. I attended the French Festival, Brisbane in July ’15 and bought a ‘lady on bicycle with monkey’ mobile which I love. I left my name & email address ?with you & your young daughter as we ran out time to provide me with a receipt. Just wondering if you could follow up with this please. I am also interested in purchasing other products on-line. Thank you.


    • Kim


      Dear Frances thank you for your contact with us. I read the post to my daughter whom you met and we had a little chuckle at the description of the mobile – ‘the lady on bicycle with monkey’ – it’s wonderful isn’t it? They really have been created simply to give us joy. Yes, I’ll provide you a receipt and ensure you’re on our newsletter list too so that you receive the latest news on our beautiful French creations and exclusive specials. Take care, Kim


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