Sweet ways for children to learn letters and numbers

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There are so many ways to help your child become familiar with letters and numbers – here are some sweet ones.

J is for Jelly crystal letters

Draw a letter on a piece of paper and then ask your child trace it in the jelly crystals. It’s helps them become familiar with the shape of letters and to recognise them too. They can then lick their finger after their letter as a little treat … before you know it they will have written War and Peace in jelly crystals (hehe).

jelly crystal writing

Peachy counting

1, 2, 3, 4! You and your child can do a lot with peachy numbers – count them, talk about simple fractions – halves and quarters and of course – eat them! What’s really nice about peachy numbers is you can help your child understand the language of maths and numbers, which is an incredibly important aspect of numeracy, using a juicy tangible object.

peach counting

Guess how many raspberries?

Estimating or guessing how many objects are on a plate helps children understand numbers and develop judgement. Ask your child to guess how many raspberries are on the plate, then count them. You can also experiment with subtraction or adding, too. I have 10 raspberries and I eat two. How many are left? Help your child to count backwards as they eat them – yum!

rasberry guessing


Are there yummy ways you help your child learning letters and counting?

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  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me


    My boys LOVE frozen raspberries, that is such a novel idea – you are more than just a pretty face I see Kim 😉 xx


    • Kim


      You seriously rock Ems – thank you!!!


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