Boy and the racoon children’s wall clock


The Boy and the Racoon children’s wall clock is an exquisite decor piece that has captured the essence of childhood imagination perfectly.

The Boy and the Racoon children’s wall clock is practical, playful, dreamyŒ … and quiet with its silent movement mechanism, so no ticking.

Ornately designed by L’Oiseau Bateau in France inŒ taupe, blues and olive greensŒ with delicate ferns,Œ and a little ceramic elfinŒ and racoon perched to the sides, theŒ Racoon children’s wall clock will bring hours, days, years of delight.

It’s no wonder the designer L’Oiseau Bateau calls itself  ‘artisan en enfantillages’ artisans of childhood.

Dimensions: L 30cm x H 26cm

Battery operated: 1 x AA

Additional information

Weight .700 kg
Dimensions 11 x 32 x 36 cm


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